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We support accountable parents navigating the difficult process of divorce with proven strategies to mitigate the damage caused during this painful time so that everyone can thrive, save time, money and limit harm to children.



Especially men, we are sometimes taught to "tough it out" but we need to make sure we take the time to process what is happening and deal with any lingering negative emotions.


As consistent with our approach, we now want to help objectively formulate a strategy for success that will remove the emotions from the process and set you up for success.


This process really should have both parents looking to collaborate

effectively. If that is not the case, we adapt as necessary and adjust accordingly.


There are no winners in a divorce unless collaboration and cooperation are mandatory elements of the process. Whatever should occur, we always "win" when we stay true 


THE HIGH ROAD! While this is a very difficult process for others, it doesn't have to be a destructive process for you and your loved ones. We help you maintain perspective, nurture composure, sustain accountability, stay committed to a productive process and, regardless of others actions, graduate into the next stage of your life successfully and productively. Collaboration, simplification and a well-executed strategy will help to preserve or create a positive outcome for all parties invovled.


"We can't control what happens, but we can control how we react."

- Someone Smart

The Way


Difficult times are some of the best times to grow and learn about ourselves. Thriving through a divorce means that you maintain perspective, find the opportunities for growth and always remain optimistic for what the future holds. 


This is the time to love yourself, love your children, love new activities, love new possibilities, love the process and love the opportunity to learn. Like a facing a dragon, we must turn and face this time in our love with open arms and a positive outlook. Now is the time to produce more love, not less.


This may seem counterintuitive, but to thrive, you must not look inward, but outward. How can you potentially help your ex-partner, help your community, help a friend in need? Once you have processed the emotions in the Survive part of the process, to thrive, we must now figure out how we can help others. 

Services & Fees

Most times, a pre-divorce strategy can eliminate costly missteps and attorney cost overruns. Having navigated the process, we can distill the critical elements down to a limited number of steps that could potentially lead to a cordial and out-of-court resolution. Attorneys and other legal professionals could then be used in a limited capacity saving all sides painful battles and costly mistakes.

Meet with your coach for an initial divorce strategy and planning session. Together, we will assess how we can build a Plan of Action that will help you meet all your obj...
Initial Divorce Strategy Session
2 hr
Meet with your coach for divorce strategy support and planning session. Together, we will assess how we can build a Plan of Action that will help you meet all your object...
Ongoing Divorce Strategy Support Session
1 hr

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